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American Guild of Organists, Denver Chapter

Since the organ’s invention in the 3rd century BC, it has provided a magical gateway to the sacred and mysterious. Pipe organs are awe-inspiring architectural masterpieces, providing a rich and complex instrument on which composers and artists can work their craft. The list of organ composers is a who’s who of the most loved classical musicians  — Bach, Handel, Pachelbel, Mozart, Brahms, Mendelssohn, and Saint-Saëns, to name a few.

The American Guild of Organists is an all-inclusive social organization that provides education, resources, performances and events for organ music enthusiasts and professionals throughout the Colorado Front Range. We offer a gateway for aspiring musicians to learn the organ, provide scholarships and mentoring opportunities, and host a variety of events available to the public, including:

  • Concerts featuring world-class performers
  • Pre-concert Discoveries, where we provide an inner look at how organ masterworks are performed
  • Organ Crawls, where we explore the many architectural masterpieces in Colorado
  • Pipe Organ Encounters, where piano and keyboard players can explore the organ
  • Pipes, Pedals, and Pizza, where young people can discover the organ in a fun, pizza-eating environment
  • And other outreach events of interest to the community

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Chapter membership, for professionals and enthusiasts, allows you to get to know and work with other organists in the area. Chapter activities and benefits include:

  • Local substitute lists so you can earn extra income by filling in for other chapter members
  • Monthly Chapter newsletters with news of local events and personal updates
  • Chapter Directories
  • Local recitals and other events

Memberships are created through the national AGO site.

Being a member of the Denver Chapter of the American Guild of Organists shows to my community that the art of organ is not an esoteric or antiquated craft, but rather a vibrant and evolving scene of technical performance, and musical scholarship and artistry - of which I am most happy to be a small part.

Alex Fehrman

Through the years I’ve discovered that to be a part of an organization solely dedicated to the things I most love in my musical life, and to know that organization has my best professional and personal goals in mind, is to be assured that I am part of something much larger than my church work. The personal contacts, professional networking, and musical learning I’ve attained in these nearly thirty years cannot be overstated.

Brian du Fresne

Being part of Denver chapter AGO keeps me connected to my colleagues that I would otherwise not see on a regular basis. The opportunities presented to exchange ideas and draw inspiration from each other are invaluable assets for my professional life.

Kajsa Teitelbaum

I see the value of the Denver Chapter AGO as the genesis for new ideas in our music profession, supporting the excellence of performance in concerts and workshops, stimulating young musicians to learn the organ and carry on our historic profession, and encouraging the friendships and support of each other as serving the church has always been a challenge, financially, emotionally and physically!

Dr. Martha Sandford-Heyns

Learn to Play

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart — musical prodigy and composer of over 600 works for harpsichord, violin, flute, oboe, cello, and the then-new piano — called the organ the king of all instruments. Dating almost to the beginning of formalized music itself, the organ has been the creative outlet for a "heavenly host" of musical greats — a group as diverse as the many sounds an organ can produce, including: Johann Sebastian Bach, Deterich Buxtehude, César Franck, and many, many others.

Far from being an esoteric or merely religious instrument, the world of organ-playing is defined by the thoughtful artistry and technical showmanship of those dedicated to learning its performance and showcasing a repertoire ranging from the softest of German preludes, to the lushest and most powerful of French toccatas.

Won't you join us?

Organ lessons are offered through several of our local colleges and universities:


The Denver Chapter of the AGO is pleased to offer scholarships for organ lessons given by qualified AGO members to middle and high school students. These lessons provide music students an opportunity to experience the exciting world of the organ in a summer musical enrichment program. Up to eight scholarships will be awarded. Each winner will receive six free organ lessons, with the possibility of three additional half-fee lessons based upon teacher recommendation. Each winner will also receive a complimentary one-year membership to the American Guild of Organists, including a subscription to The American Organist (the AGO journal), and membership in the Denver Chapter.


2015 AGO Denver Scholars


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